Last spring

With a lack of successful work in the last 48 hours, I’m resorting to posting a sketch from last spring when the lilacs were in bloom and very inspiring. The emotional connection to the subject matter really does matter — I love lilacs!

Yellow shape, green shape. And repeat.

Inspired by Shari Blaukopf’s post today (a step-by-step demo on painting a bouquet), I had a lot of fun sketching a bunch of tulips. In fact, I couldn’t seem to stop, hence the four attempts below. Not only was it fun, I learned a lot — more than I can sum up here. One thing to mention though: the harder you try, the less fresh and authentic the result.

(I now have my scanner set up, so these are scans rather than iPad photos).

Rural sketching

I missed the UskMontreal outing yesterday due to anticipated freezing rain that never came. However, I was able to take advantage of the sunny morning to sketch the view across the street. 

Lessons learned: I want to be able to paint the clear blue sky, but I don’t like the granulation of the cerulean blue in the sky. I have since learned that multiple washes will remove this effect, but that would not have been practical here where I had white branches to avoid. I look forward to trying out frisket which would have been useful for this scene. Also, I like to paint while standing.