Kitchen clean-up

I missed the deadline for the James Gurney challenge to paint a kitchen scene, but did this sketch anyway, in the middle of a party prep day (well, drawn that day, painted the next from ref photo).

I loved seeing all the ways people approached this challenge. You can see the entries here (click on “Photos” or read the posts — the challenge required using a limited palette and submitting photos of the work in progress).

Furry cat or ?

Well, I thought this looked okay at the time, but now it looks like road kill. But she really was napping on her back. This is a good example of the wrong tool (Fude pen) for the subject matter (fluffy long-haired cat).

Swatches, I needed swatches…

I have many tubes of paint and needed to become familiar with them. Following the model that Ian Sidaway showed in the Sketchbook Skool course, I made 2 x 5 in. swatches. What a great exercise in handling pigment, water, brush, etc. I have much to learn.

Made a sketch of the tools I used. including a water drop dispenser.

Another Saturday at The Quirky Carrot

A small group of Glengarry Sketchers met at our favourite local hangout yesterday. I did a couple of warm-up sketches and then tackled the view from our table.

The delicious breakfast sandwich (more tasty than it looks here.) Colour pencil added at home (I must carry a few colour pencils in my sketch bag).

Fireside with my Fude pen

In the Sketch NOW book, the author recommends a Sailor Fude Nib pen. So I ordered one online (meanwhile I encountered the same pen recommendation from two other sketchers). It had to come from Japan, by sea, no tracking number. That was at the end of August. It finally arrived last week.

I’m still getting used to it and need to fill it with better ink, but it’s fun.

(The bowl of water on the wood stove helps provide some humidity.)