If it’s Friday it must be Atlanta

And do our road trip went via Atlanta so we could check out the Wrecking Bar Brewpub. Great food and beer in the stone cellar of a repurposed mansion that had been a bit of a wreck. The pen drawing was quickly done at the table, paint added later.

En route

Gosh, this sketching every day thing can be challenging. I’m getting back on track with a quick, small sketch while on the I-87 heading south and a second quick, small sketch while enjoying a coffee stout (beer) at a brewpub in Yardley PA. 

Dinner time

Even when I sit down to quickly sketch a mundane domestic moment, I’m learning something. Hopefully, a few months down the line, what I’ve learned will be fully integrated. This is a journey, and having this blog is keeping me on a path.


Seashells, collected from various places, in one of the pieces from my McCoy collection. Not sure what it would have been used for. And it is rather an odd thing, but I like it. And the shells look pretty in it. Though that may not come across here. Seashells have a delicate appearance, and at the same time are hard as rock.