Baking and Sketching

The Glengarry Artists’ Collective had a bake sale today in Mill Square, Alexandria. Our local sketching group was also there as an added attraction.

I warmed up with a sketch of the goodies (done standing up which was viewed as quite an accomplishment by a few people, but a good view of the table) then settled in with my stool and easel to sketch the view down Centre Street.

Daffodils remembered

I had a wonderful display of daffodils and narcissi I my spring garden. I did a few sketches of them and then though, heh, why not do a little simple sketch of each different type. I even had the layout planned. Unfortunately I didn’t get to it before they faded. So I did a few from memory, trying to capture a bit of their character.

The left hand sketch was done on site (daffs growing in my lawn along with dandelions) and the right hand sketches are from memory.

Corner of the store

Our local Glengarry Sketchers met up yesterday at a spot in Alexandria where we had a wide choice of subject matter. Everything from families of geese by a pond to a bright yellow chip stand to views of shops along Main Street. I ended up focussed on just a corner of one building, the book store.

Drink and Draw

I couldn’t resist a quick sketch of the implements in the open kitchen at Reservoir (a popular brewpub in Montreal). Picture taken back home among the dandelions.

Garden Break

Sitting down for a break, sketchbook in hand, I decided to just start by drawing what was right in front of me. My feet. And some of my tomato seedlings (in my peculiar pot/box set-up). And a few of the wonderful spring blooms bursting out of the flower beds (not out of my toes). The tomato plants are healthier that they appear here.

Alexandria Landmarks

Today, the Glengarry Sketchers’ rendezvous point was the parking lot behind the Knights of Columbus hall, a very plain building. It was originally a home constructed in 1823 and is the oldest building in Alexandria. It is to be renovated and the stucco exterior removed to reveal the original stone exterior and will house the Glengarry Archives. I couldn’t resist sketching the back wall and fire escape with the dramatic shadows. But the sun went behind a cloud and I made the mistake of guessing where they were And made what I later realized was is a clear mistake.

With hands going numb from cold I headed to a sunnier spot (the clouds finally cleared) with a view of one of the Victorian gems in the same neighbourhood. I focussed on just a portion of this beautifully maintained home.