Path of a Pint

I’ve been enjoying the Sunday morning USk Talks (Urban Sketchers) over the last year. These are hosted by the effervescent Rob Sketcherman in Hong Kong with new guests each week from locations around the globe. Each talk ends with a challenge to sketchers. Last Sunday’s guests, Nina Johansson (Sweden) and Pedro Loureiro (Portugal) both enjoy storytelling through sketches, stemming from their interest in filmmaking and comic books, respectively. Their challenge to viewers was to tell the story of your favourite beverage. (I’ve included a screenshot of the challenge below).

I decided to give this a try, telling the story of how I get a pint of beer, here at home (I’m married to an award-winning home brewer!). It took me days to think it through, do a rough layout, then do the sketch. It was challenging but also really fun! Here’s what I came up with.

Relaxing with Harrley

Taking the time to draw is essential if you want to improve your observation and drawing skills. I sat down the other day to read, then noticed Harrley (two “r”s because he purrs so loudly) on the couch, so quickly grabbed the bare minimum to do a sketch — my 8×10 sketchbook, oversized water soluble graphite stick and a water brush. It wasn’t only Harrley that caught my eye, but also the collection of farm animal cushions stacked on the couch.

Lovin’ my latte

We got an espresso machine and now that I’ve got the hang of it, I’m enjoying an afternoon latte from time to time. And I found the perfect cup for it — a gift from my late mother-in-law. It’s very unusual (Picasso-esque handle) and very beautiful. I’m happy to be using it instead of just looking at it in the china cabinet. The wee saucer is just right to hold a piece of shortbread (the last of the season). I’m still learning how to do latte art.

Breakfast Fruit

When I was in Mexico in November 2019 I acquired a taste for papaya, a daily feature at the breakfast buffet. Now I’m hooked. Especially with a squeeze of lime on top and just a tiny pinch of salt. Hmmm, maybe I should add a drizzle of tequila!

I love the intense colour inside especially in contrast to the seeds. I delayed breakfast so I could sketch this.