Birthday Bouquet #2

Two weeks on and the flowers still look pretty good. Of course a sketch can leave out the drooping bits and dry leaves.

Though it may not show here, I am learning a lot from Shari Blaukopf’s Sketching Fresh Flowers online course. Next time I’ll use watercolour paper and a simpler grouping of flowers.

Birthday Bouquet #1

What could be better than receiving flowers when your birthday is in January, when there’s 2 feet of snow outside, and daffodils won’t be up for another 3 months. Lucky me, I received 2 bouquets. Frankly, I’m amazed that bouquets of flowers are still available, with everything going on in the world. I couldn’t help thinking of all the people involved in getting the flowers from the soil to my front door. I am grateful.

Dedicated to a friend whose birthday is today!

Squash, past and present

I do enjoy a still life. While looking out some watercolour paper I found a painting (pumpkin, squash and mango) I had forgotten about, done over a year ago and never shared. The second (orange pattypans – from 2020 harvest – in blue bowl) is from this week. I’m still working on how to show volume of orange objects. Fortunately the squash are still in good shape, so I can try again.

Oh-oh Christmas Tree

The new year got off to a slow start as far as sketching is concerned. Inspired by some sketches I saw online I finally sketched our Christmas tree (yes, it’s still up!). Having completed the drawing I looked at the pencil I’d used and exclaimed “Oh-oh!” I had used a water soluble dark blue by mistake. Oh well, I just had to work with it and try not to make a muddy mess.

Obviously I didn’t draw every decoration, just a few special ones. And the scary Santa sitting below – a craft project from about 40 years ago!

This sketch will be a reminder of the quiet covid Christmas and how lucky we felt to be safe and healthy.