Christmas goodies

Festive eating and drinking with family and friends is what this time of year is all about for me. Sadly, the festivities are different this year, but, I did receive a wonderful box of goodies from my mum. Including her wonderful fruitcake and a note of instructions on adding more rum and marzipan (supplied).

I didn’t manage to sketch the colourful packages before breaking into the McVitie’s digestives. Now that the sketch is done I can put the marzipan on the fruitcake.

I started making shortbread weeks ago (to send to family and friends) with the most recent batch made on the winter solstice, as is my personal tradition. I always mix it by hand in my granny’s old bowl (as she did), shape it using her rolling pin, then place the “cakes” on her old tins to get “well fired” as she used to say (50-55 minutes at 325°F). Yum!