Precious gifts

I am lucky to have thoughtful friends who bring me souvenirs from their travels. I finally opened this tin of Tuscan olive oil (delicious!) and poured it into this spill-proof glass dispenser from Spain. They made a nice subject to tackle with a new medium – gouache!

I only have a tube of white gouache, so I mixed some watercolour pigment with it to get the colours. (Learned this from Nathan Fowkes book). It’s painted on grey-toned paper. I was inspired to try this after watching and listening to Shari Blaukopf in recent etchr video/podcasts.

More garden produce

Apparently, Delicata Squash is trending these days. Yes, they are quite attractive, and tasty. My two plants produced about 16 of these beauties. I like the contrast with the bunch of crab apples. Maybe there is a recipe out there that combines the two?

A Bounty of Beans

It’s a sad time of year when all the bean vines have shrivelled up. But, before that happened I managed to sketch the various types I had growing.

Left: dried pods of Romano.
Right: Scarlett Runner pods and two stages of the bean seeds.

Youthful squash

I continue to be enchanted by my garden produce. These were the last wee squash – the baby ones that withstood the October frosts. They were too cute to leave un-sketched.

Pattypan with withering flower still attached.
Yellow zucchini, including a very young one with its flower attached, and almost iridescent wee hairs on it (hence the silver pen marks).

What the…?

These mottled pole beans were so vigorous they were reaching out for anything they could climb on, including this comical garden ornament. I had to draw it! I feel almost as happy as this frog when I chomp on some fresh picked pods.