Arrival of Spring – April 28


This large and contorted Manitoba Maple is more fragile than it looks. It has some decay and splits and, one day, it won’t be able to hold itself up any longer. Once it leafs out, it casts a lovely shade, but the arborist advised me not to set up the hammock under it, for safety’s sake.

I went a bit crazy colouring/painting it, which was fun. At its base is the first narcissus bloom in my garden.

Arrival of Spring – April 24


At last my crocus are blooming. A nice patch in the lawn that is blooming better than ever before!

I continue to be torn between tidy and loose when it comes to flower sketches. there’s a bit of both here.

Arrival of Spring – April 20


Weeks before my narcissus bloom, my friend Edwina’s 50 ft long spring border is already bursting forth with endless varieties of spring blooms. I dropped in for a look, at a distance, and she kindly sent me home with a big bunch of narcissus (aka daffodils), many still in bud. These are just a few of them.

Arrival of Spring – April 19


This is part of my set-up for starting seedlings – tomatoes, eggplant, parsley, basil, etc. I’ve been using a method, learned about 30 years ago from Louise Rousseau, using styrofoam cups with a particular pattern of slits cut into them. The cups get reused for years and years. It’s a thrill to see the seeds sprout and grow and to touch the tomato leaves and inhale their distinct aroma.

Arrival of Spring – April 17


I have some hyacinths in the garden, but not yet in bloom. When I saw this potted clump at the grocery store, I couldn’t resist. I also couldn’t resist sketching them, but trying to capture the character of these blooms was a challenge. But I did enjoy using the fresh blob of carbazole violet paint.

Arrival of Spring – April 14 & 15


One of my favourite trees is the graceful and delicate Katsura. Thanks to a generous friend, we have several young ones on our property. In Spring they are particularly beautiful as the heart shaped leaves emerge. However, we are still a few weeks away from that. This pruned branch was brought inside in hopes that it would leaf out. Much to my delight, it did.

Meanwhile, I finally did an opening page for this Spring sketchbook.

Arrival of Spring – April 10

The view from my window.

Late in the day the sun casts a magical light across the back fields and lights up the clump of trembling aspens at the back of my yard. Some days the sky is dramatic, other days it’s a clear blue, or solid grey.

Arrival of Spring – April 9

It’s snowing today! So, a sketch of the things I’d be using if it wasn’t. The hand cream, from Salt Spring Island, BC, is a really great one for gardener’s hands.

This was a first sketch with my new Lamy pen using Lexington Grey Noodler’s ink.