Last chance amaryllis

This bloom was on its last legs yesterday, so I decided to have another go at drawing this stately flower. By this morning it looked like its droopy neighbours, which have their own sad beauty.

A favourite barn

This local barn has always fascinated me. I painted its “portrait” based on photo references. Come summer I’ll be able to paint it from life. In the meantime, I’m pleased with the result of a concerted effort to express its character in watercolour. And I learned a lot in the process.

Fruit and flowers

Our local “rurban” sketching group stayed indoors this month. Each person chooses to draw whatever catches their eye. I was happy enough to stick with citrus and tulips. (I’ve taken to adding a bit of texture and definition with coloured pencils and watercolour crayons.)

Nap time

Harrley really likes to get settled in when he finds a good spot to nap. I couldn’t resist trying to capture this particular spot. Conveying cats on paper continues to be a challenge. Crocs less so.

Lesson 1 – Donuts

Last year, I skipped this exercise in Wil Freeborn’s book Learn to Paint in Watercolor with 50 Paintings because I was avoiding donuts at the time (I couldn’t buy them and not eat them, could I?). I gave in this week when I got a craving for a Tim Horton’s glazed sour cream donut. The exercise is called “Lively washes” using donuts as the subject. I added a few Tim Bits. And sprinkles.

Snow day

Outside there was a blustering storm. I was glad to have this cheery bouquet to brighten the day and keep me occupied until the roads got cleared. (Had some problems with my ink pen, hence the black blob that’s out of place.)

Still blooming

One of the many lovely things about Alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian Lily or lily of the Incas) is how long the flowers last. They also cheer you up when you’re recovering from a cold.

Amaryllis, revisited

I’m taking care of a few amaryllis for a friend — an opportunity to tackle a drawing again. This was a quick sketch, trying to keep it loose.

And, another quick sketch (antidote to an unsuccessful, belaboured “painting”) while preparing breakfast the other day.