Oh, what to draw?

While the torrential rain fell outside, our local sketching group met at the home of one of the participants. Every room was a feast for the eyes in terms of objects and still life arrangements to draw. Here are the two views I chose.

One thing I’m pleased with in the above sketch was the decision to place the lamp on the right, rather than draw it where it was (behind the chair). A small thing, but a big thing for someone usually too concerned with sketching what I see, rather than creating a good composition.

Attempts at Amaryllis

I received a stunning amaryllis in December. I wanted to try and capture it’s glorious colour and resplendent blooms before the last one faded. Easier said than done in a quick sketch. Here are a few of the attempts.


No, this is not a comment on the film (haven’t seen it or the broadway show). This post is a response to a post on Suhita Shirodkar‘s blog entitled “Cats are liquid.” I had an aha moment when I saw her post and her cat sketches.

These quick sketches are a first attempt at sketching my cats with more appreciation of their “liquidity.” Although, long-haired Gaïa still comes across as a big ball of fur. I’ll wait for a better pose next time.