Another day in Mazatlán

It was very hot and humid during our stay, not my favourite weather. But I had to get used to it, or spend all day indoors. So, I took a slow walk through the community where we were staying, all the way to the opposite entrance where, thanks to google maps, I had discovered a bakery that just might have great bread. They were all out of their famed sour dough, but I did stay for a coffee “con leche” and a Pan Dia de los muertos. I had already taken a few bites when I thought, “I should sketch this!” I found it hard to make the half eaten bread (a bit like a donut in texture) look like anything and the wee milk jug got a bit wonky. But, in doing the sketch, it prompted a lovely exchange with the young man working there.

On the walk back to our condo I set up my stool in the shade to sketch this scene. Nearby, iguanas roamed nibbling on the grass and cormorants dove in and out of the pond.

3 thoughts on “Another day in Mazatlán

  1. It’s wonderful to see your Mexico sketches, Alison. Brings back memories of having that bread, which I dipped in Oaxacan hot chocolate. I love the way you painted the palm trees, and all those contrasting spots of orange.


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