Slow and fast

Our local sketching group headed to the Glengarry Pioneer Museum last Saturday. I brought an older sketchbook with me in which I had left one blank double-page spread. I easily found a view to fill it. I took my time with the drawing and elected not to go over it with pen, but just to start painting. It took awhile, including a pause to consult Working with Colour by Shari Blaukopf for a good mix for darks. The Sap Green + Carbazole Violet combo was a revelation!

I had hoped to get two sketches done that morning, so, with only a bit of time left I elected to do a quick sketch, drawn directly with pen and then some watercolour.

Here are the results of a slow and of a fast approach.

9 thoughts on “Slow and fast

  1. Hey Alison, really pleased to come across your posting of everydaysketches. Didn’t know you were doing this, great body of work, very impressed!


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