Drink and Draw

I couldn’t resist a quick sketch of the implements in the open kitchen at Reservoir (a popular brewpub in Montreal). Picture taken back home among the dandelions.

Garden Break

Sitting down for a break, sketchbook in hand, I decided to just start by drawing what was right in front of me. My feet. And some of my tomato seedlings (in my peculiar pot/box set-up). And a few of the wonderful spring blooms bursting out of the flower beds (not out of my toes). The tomato plants are healthier that they appear here.

Alexandria Landmarks

Today, the Glengarry Sketchers’ rendezvous point was the parking lot behind the Knights of Columbus hall, a very plain building. It was originally a home constructed in 1823 and is the oldest building in Alexandria. It is to be renovated and the stucco exterior removed to reveal the original stone exterior and will house the Glengarry Archives. I couldn’t resist sketching the back wall and fire escape with the dramatic shadows. But the sun went behind a cloud and I made the mistake of guessing where they were And made what I later realized was is a clear mistake.

With hands going numb from cold I headed to a sunnier spot (the clouds finally cleared) with a view of one of the Victorian gems in the same neighbourhood. I focussed on just a portion of this beautifully maintained home.

Auntie Vi’s daffodils

I stopped gardening near the end of the day to do a quick “on the spot” sketch of these lovely daffodils (or are they narcissus?) given to me by my friend Vi (adopted as an aunt).

Looking at blooms

Try sketching flowers and you really appreciate the mastery of botanical illustrators. To employ the watercolour techniques that help to convey the subtle colour transitions a good watercolour paper is preferable to this sketchbook paper. In any case, it’s always enjoyable to study a bloom up close.

Sketch now, but think a bit first

Mike Yoshiaki Daikubara’s book is titled “Sketch Now, Think Later” but I forgot to heed one of his directives: “sketch what’s of interest first.” The thing that originally caught my eye was the decorative windmill, but it’s a bit lost here. No worries, a lesson learned for next time, and it was a lovely afternoon to sit and sketch for a short while.