Odd Bird

No, this is not a bad drawing of a bird. It is actually a fairly good representation of an unfinished wood sculpture of a bird (maybe an eagle) that we rescued from a “to be burned” pile. It is now installed in our garden, supervising the emerging spring bulbs.

Along the 401

Sketching in the car can pass the time on a long drive, or when traffic is at a standstill.

I spotted a red wing blackbird from the car, but needed to find a reference online to get the shape right for this pose on a stem.

When traffic came to a standstill, I had just enough time to quickly catch a sense of the congestion.

Discount Bouquet

I picked up a bunch of flowers for half price and much to my delight there was a stem of lilium in the centre with unopened buds. With a bit of encouragement 4 of the 5 opened up into the most glorious yellow blooms. Conveying the volume of flowers is a challenge… just need to keep at it.

Snow in April

It was a dreary gray day with an unexpected amount of snow accumulation. But, thanks to encouragement from Shari Blaukopf, and following her limited palette wisdom, I undertook a sketch of the view from my living room. Painted in the fading light, finished the next day — by which time there was blue sky and twinkling ice in the trees — when dreary had turned to cheery. That will be a separate sketch.

If at first … try, try, try again.

Inspired by the deceptively simple and beautiful illustrations by Ian Sidaway in a wee book of recipes for root vegetables (Shown below), I pulled out a terracotta tapas dish and opted for lemons. Many lessons learned by tackling the subject repeatedly.