Snowy Sketch Session

Our local sketching meet-up took place at a home with a lovely sun room. The sun was in hiding, behind constant snowfall, but there was plenty of warmth inside. We each chose different subjects to sketch (including a cow vertebrae).

I was drawn to the angles of the exterior structures. When our host went out to clear some of the quickly accumulating snow, I did my best to capture the figure to include in the scene.

Another sketch of the cow vertebrae (see previous post).

Found object

At this month’s sketchers gathering, a new participant brought three vertebrae from a cow carcass he found in the woods on his property. As we were packing up our sketchbooks, I felt compelled to draw it one more time. Such intriguing shapes and shadows, resulting in a rather abstract image.

Drawn in about 3 minutes with a Fude Sailor pen, painted at home. I was rather pleased with the result.