Sea shell mash up

I was inspired to sketch some seashells after reading Shari Blaukopf’s post from Sanibel. I started with a “straight-to-paint” approach, but it wasn’t as successful as I would have liked, so I tried other approaches as I filled the page. I enjoyed using a white gel pen for a few highlights. And I eventually got better at painting the shadows.

Sketching at the Quirky

The monthly Glengarry sketching group is growing. There were seven of us at The Quirky Carrot (also know as the Quirk in some circles). Although a small café, we all find something to draw. It is a leisurely morning for all.

The famous Avocado Toastier with soft-boiled egg.

First page jitters

In some sketchbooks, I’ve been so concerned about messing up the first page that my first sketch was done on page 3. Saving the opening page for something… sometime… No more! I received a Stillman & Birn Alpha Sketchbook* for Christmas and determined to overcome all fear and start on page one. However, my pen did hover for quite a while before making a mark. This is a good thing — to stop and think, and look and be deliberate. This is dry milkweed pods.

* I heard about this Sketchbook via Liz Steel who likes it as her “everyday” Sketchbook as opposed to special ones on a theme or for a trip (I believe that’s what she mentioned). In any case, I still had first page jitters.

Eva’s Eggs

I’m lucky to get eggs from happy hens in the care of local friends. I particularly enjoy the range of colours (more subtle than they appear here) that I receive sometimes. I used coloured pencil for a change of pace.


Drawing scanned on flatbed scanner – rather than an iPad photo, for a change of pace. And, I figured I should get the old scanner operational again.

Year-end sketches

I’ll start off this new year with a few sketches from the previous week: view from the train, view for the car, view of my sister’s coffee set-up, and Leia. All done in a small Nova Stillman & Birn Sketchbook.

I was excited when Leia lay down for her nap. But, she kept shifting. After one false start I started again and managed to hide the first attempt, sort of.