Fireside with my Fude pen

In the Sketch NOW book, the author recommends a Sailor Fude Nib pen. So I ordered one online (meanwhile I encountered the same pen recommendation from two other sketchers). It had to come from Japan, by sea, no tracking number. That was at the end of August. It finally arrived last week.

I’m still getting used to it and need to fill it with better ink, but it’s fun.

(The bowl of water on the wood stove helps provide some humidity.)


That’s the feeling a dreary, sunless November can bring on.

I was glad I had my wee sketchbook and pen with me recently when there was a long bit of downtime during an event with which I was helping out. Hence, a sketch of my favourite handbag.

Goodies at the Quirky

This was a 3-step sketch: pencil drawing on site, until the lunch crowd arrived and I had no view of the cookie jars; first layers of paint upon a return to the Quirky 2 days later, but only 25 minutes before closing time; final paint and details back at home, at my leisure.

(The Quirky Carrot has terrific food, atmosphere and people. Located on Main Street, Alexandria.)

Only one spread left in this sketchbook. Whew! I’ve found this smooth (hot press) paper hard to work with (Stillman & Birn Zeta).