Sick bed

After a flurry of sketching recently, it came to a halt while I focussed on my sick cat. He’s recovering well (mystery illness) in his private room at home. While keeping watch over him I’ve been watching YouTube videos on sketching by Anne Laure (aka Following the White Rabbit). So, inspired by her and also by Shari Blaukopf‘s posts on drawing in paint with one pigment, I decided to sketch Harrley, who is taking long deep sleeps these days.

Sap still running

I am fond of maple sap buckets. With more and more producers turning to the blue hoses, the sight of the buckets is even more charming. There’s still a blanket of snow in the woods.

I had a pen and sketchbook with me on my walk, added colour (various media) at home.

And, a bonus, I found some pussy willows by the roadside. Also charming.

The barn, in three colours

This is the barn I look out on every day. I used a limited palette of manganese blue hue, transparent pyrrol orange and raw sienna (plus a touch of indigo and cadmium red on the mailbox) which is a weird combo, but it really does give the sketch a cohesive look. The birch tree actually is as deformed as I’ve shown it — probably stunted by the ’97 ice storm.

Palmetto Bluff souvenirs

I picked up one oyster shell on the shore of the May River — where there are tens of thousands — and sketched it as a warm up. The second sketch is an imagined scene based on memory, a photo reference and the view we sketched on day two of the workshop as a wild storm came blowing through.