Eryngium in the middle

I picked out this bouquet because if the exotic eryngium blooms in the bunch. They are an almost iridescent purple/blue. They grew profusely in the garden of my previous home and they were always a great addition to any bouquet.

When it comes to painting flowers there is the botanical approach that can be almost scientific in its precision (example) and then there’s what I would call the emotional approach which I think is exemplified by Shari Blaukopf beautiful work (see this example). I also love David Hockney’s digital flower drawings and I’m a fan of the approach taken by Charles Rennie Macintosh (some examples here).

I’m still learning how to use the paint, brushes, paper — hopefully, my “approach” will develop, because I do love flowers.

Old Pomegranates

I bought these in December for my Christmas decorating. As they dry up the colour gets more intense and the roundness contracts. I’ll be curious to see if the seeds inside are still good.


While waiting one recent wet and cold night, with nothing really interesting nearby to sketch (and too icy to walk anywhere) I pulled out my wee book and just drew what I saw out the front door (colour added at home). A great way to pass the time until my ride came, even if the view was nothing special.