Chicago, continued

Many people have told me what a great city Chicago is. It did not disappoint! I only experienced a small part of it and could have spent much more time sketching… there were so many great subjects, viewpoints and the architecture of course. Here are a few more sketches.


Finished sketch of the iconic “Cloud Gate” (aka “The Bean”) which has to be the most impressive piece of public art I have ever experienced.


“Spirit of Music” statue in Grant Park. A beautiful setting with lovely gardens, trees and the dramatic skyline beyond.


I was very excited when my friend and mentor, Shari Blaukopf, took me to the Lurie Gardens. They are the work of landscape designer Piet Oudolf and an absolute marvel! Check out Shari’s sketches of Chicago here.


This is an odd “panorama” of the scene near my hotel – a line drawing on the spot (standing up) and then coloured added later based on a photo.


Gino’s East is known for it’s deep dish pizza. And they had great beers on tap too! I couldn’t handle a deep dish on my own. But this fellow patron did. Turned out the bartender is a keen sketcher, so I hope he checks out the Chicago Usk group.



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