The view

My accommodation in the Pyrenees had a terrace overlooking a captivating panoramic view. This quick sketch of a slice of it doesn’t do it justice. I’ll work from the photos I took to try and better capture the foreground, middle and distance.

Pyrenees landscape

The rock formation in the area I visited were like nothing I have seen in other mountainous areas. This was a very quick sketch, standing while listening for passing cars of the bulbous outcrops above a secluded swimming hole in a mountain stream. No more details… I want to keep this spot a secret. 

Lesson learned: take a few moments to do even a quick impression — the sketch will capture the essence of the moment (what was seen and what was felt). A photo can’t always do this. 

View from Xantar Bar, Girona

I loved Girona. We were at a quiet, residential end of the old town. The Xantar Bar became our “go to” spot. It was on a square where we enjoyed watching families gather and children play while adults enjoyed a drink. There were many Catalan flags on display in the city as well as  banners denouncing the conversion of residential apartments into tourist flats which is impacting access to affordable housing for locals.

Cafe in Spain

Travelling in Spain for two weeks afforded many sights to sketch. This was done quickly as I enjoyed a last coffee before heading to the airport. I’ll post others now that I’m home and have good wifi and a scanner.