Generic view

This isn’t a specific spot, but rather an impression from memory, from my morning walk yesterday, and fairly typical for this area. I wanted to work with the different blues to better understand how I can portray the skies I see around here. I like granulation, but not in a sky, so more practice needed (I thought I had used a non-granulating pigment). This is cobalt blue with a touch of crimson.

2 thoughts on “Generic view

  1. I like your generic view and those light fields. Now that you’re sketching every day you’ll have so many sky views to paint this summer. It’s interesting that you’re painting from memory too. Do you find that liberating?


  2. Thanks Shari. Have to confess… it has not been every day this week.

    Liberating? Great question. Painting from memory on this day was a matter of practicality. By the time I got home from that walk, the clouds had disappeared. So I decided to draw on my memory bank. Also on the practical side, there’s no detail to get caught up in when there is none there to see, so I guess that liberated the brush in hand to stick with big shapes.


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