Old shoes – Wil Freeborn exercise 03

I recently bought a copy of Wil Freeborn‘s new book “Learn to paint in watercolour with 50 paintings” (he is a wonderful artist based in Scotland). Lessons 1 and 2 required objects I didn’t have on hand, but I did remember these old biking shoes so used them to execute lesson 3. I was daunted at first, but settled into it. I let it sit overnight and continued the next day.

Lessons learned: it pays off to get the drawing right before getting the paint out; I like pencil line with watercolour; take the time to really observe the cast shadows and get them right; the emotional connection to an object affects the sketch.

3 thoughts on “Old shoes – Wil Freeborn exercise 03

  1. These shoes are fantastic. I love the way I can see right down inside the shoes. I am thoroughly enjoying receiving your sketches and am always looking forward to the next one. When you did some on your trip it was like I was there as well, seeing what you were seeing. Hope you had a lovely holiday! Love Pauline


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