Indulged in an exotic orchid to brighten things up a bit. Painted in a long, narrow Handbook sketchbook. Thankfully, this forgiving paper allowed me to lift an attempt at a background colour. Needed to remind myself that negative (white) space is a good thing!


My Spot

A quick sketch of my comfy corner, done in a lovely small Fabriano sketchbook given to me by my artistic mentor and friend, Shari Blaukopf. It’s a treat to draw on this smooth paper.

Quirky Corner

Nice light coming in the front window at the Quirky Carrot created some interesting shadows. But the sketch got muddy. Out of practice with the paints. At least I was having fun sketching with a dear friend at the time.

Fools rush in

In the anxious rush to put paint on paper I foolishly neglected to really look at the values first and made a bit of a mess. But it was fun to get into the  paint.

Start Small

Had trouble getting started today at the “stitch (or sketch) and b___h” get together. My fellow sketcher’s advice was to “start small, draw the candles.” It was good advice. The candles were on a remarkable, intricate and unusual tablecloth.

Then I quickly tackled the big stuff in the next room, while enjoying Babs pumpkin loaf.

Deja vu

Revisited subjects, much room for improvement. In fact, earlier drawings were better. Hand sore after painting today (walls, not paper) — not conducive to pencil work.