Rural Cluster

There are many interesting (to me at least) clusters of farm buildings in my area. I pass this one regularly and have wanted to paint it for ages. This was done based on photos. Come Spring I’ll be able to paint it en plein air.

Painted with a fairly limited palette on Fluid 9 x 12 block.

Sketching at The Quirky Carrot, again

Our local café and lunch spot has been very accommodating and welcoming of our local sketching group (in North Glengarry, Ontario). Today’s gathering saw nine of us drawing everything from indoor blooms to outdoor facades. I did a warm-up sketch of the delicious breakfast sandwich, then settled in to study the sandwich case.

In April we hope to the weather will cooperate so we can sketch plein air.

Fast tulips

This bunch, reflected in a dresser mirror caught my eye the other evening. So, a sketch ensued, quickly, while standing (best viewpoint), in poor light. Just as slowing down has its benefits, spontaneity can also be a good thing.

Milkweed, slowed down

I took my time painting this over the course of two days. Letting paint dry, observing what the paint does, trying out transparent layers. This is a spread in a moleskine A4 sketchbook.

Domestic Tools — Take One

Before forging ahead with a vague idea for a painting, I figured I better do a test run. Glad I did. Doing the sketch generated a page of notes on how to approach this subject (and the other whisks in my collection) more successfully next time.

Art as cure

Finally picked up pen and paint the other day to fight off the flu blues. Drawing can be good medicine. Fresh flowers help too.

On the couch, iPad at the ready to watch a concert on Livestream.

Snowy Sketch Session

Our local sketching meet-up took place at a home with a lovely sun room. The sun was in hiding, behind constant snowfall, but there was plenty of warmth inside. We each chose different subjects to sketch (including a cow vertebrae).

I was drawn to the angles of the exterior structures. When our host went out to clear some of the quickly accumulating snow, I did my best to capture the figure to include in the scene.

Another sketch of the cow vertebrae (see previous post).