Reflecting on reflections

Our local sketching group headed to The Grotto last Saturday. This is a local landmark and green space with a narrow waterway around the perimeter. I was attracted by the water and the reflections, but underestimated the difficulty in capturing it. Regardless, it was a beautiful day in the delightful company of enthusiastic sketchers.


On a recent getaway to a southern Ontario campground there was plenty of subject matter to sketch. But, in the end I was drawn to this, the remnants after the pickles had all been eaten.

Pencil in hand

Drawing skills get rusty easily. I found some motivation to get drawing again with just pencil (made me really appreciate how quick it is to get shadows and volume in watercolour). After a few days of drawing I could feel the knack coming back.

Apple season

A quick sketch of part of a beautiful garden where I had a chance to spend a couple of days. The apple trees were fully laden with fruit.

The ink drawing was done on site, the colour added later from a photo reference.

The barn in town

In the town of Alexandria there are many older buildings, including the occasional barn still standing from the early days of agriculture by Scots immigrants. Our local Glengarry Sketchers group met up at the site of one of them today.

It was chilly and overcast when I started this sketch.

Then the blue skies and sun gradually appeared to produce some shadow on the barn. (I’m still searching for the right colour for barn wood, this one got a bit overworked).